About Us:

The Value Proposition:

Airbox Inflatable Softboxes are a novel and affordable tool for the softening and controlling of LED lights. They are versatile, effective and affordable: versatile because they are brand-agnostic light modifiers, working on a wide range of LED fixtures, and can be packed any way the user wants, folded, rolled, or left on the light fixture and deflated. They are effective because they make the source larger, softer, and singular, creating softer more flattering light with no picket-fence edged shadows, and can be softened further with additional diffusion in the front sleeve or pocket. They are affordable because they’re made of inflatable plastic and can be made relatively cheaply and thus sold at a low price as well.

The Company:

Airbox Lights is a company started in 2011 by Tom Guiney, a gaffer and DP formerly out of New York City, now of Oakland, CA.

The LED light craze started taking off a few years ago, but the quality of light of these new fixtures left a lot to be desired. Working on reality shows and seeing the lousy lighting from on-camera Litepanels inspired me to try to come up with a solution that’s affordable, effective, and lightweight. An inflatable softbox seemed like the perfect solution. Since then we’ve added a number of models and sold a lot of softboxes! We are always open to product feedback since each batch from the factory is an opportunity to improve what we offer.

Tom Guiney has been working in the film/video industry since 1995 when he worked on his first low-budget feature. He worked in New York on every type of job, from features to industrials, music videos to commercials. You can see some of his more recent shooting and producing work at convictionfilms.net. In 2012 he moved to the Bay Area and made Airbox Lights into a viable business.

The Warranty:

Our softboxes are warranted for one year against defects and leaks. Please register your purchase after you buy it to help us with our quality control.


Our returns policy is 30 days from date of purchase if softbox is unused.  Since our softboxes are sometimes inflated by mouth, we can’t take it back and resell it if you’ve inflated it. If you bought the wrong size or something like that, contact us and we can work it out.