Airbox LED Light Compatibility chart

Airbox Lights Lighting unit compatibility chart
Please note that Airbox sofboxes have a very flexible fit and the size of the light is not critical. Often they will work on a light that is the “wrong” size.
Lighting units fit by Airbox Macro
Anton Bauer UL2 LED
Aladdin A-lite
Aputure 160, 198
Arri Locaster, Broadcaster
Bescor LED 180, FP-180
Cinemills Mini-cinesoft
Cineroid LM400
Dot Line DL-DV1300 LED DSLR Video Light
Digital Juice Miniburst 256 LED Portable Video light
Dracast 160
F&V light Z96
F&V light Z180
Frezzi Hylight
Flolight Microbeam 256
Fotodiox 312 LED
Fotodiox 209 LED
Genaray LED-7100T 312 LED
Genaray LED-6500T 209 LED Variable color on-camera light
Genaray LED-6200T 144 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light
Genaray LED-5700T 240 LED Variable-Color On-Camera Light
Generic all units between 4″ and 8″ wide, not more than 5″ wide
Gisteq Flashmate F-198C LED video light
Gisteq Flashmate F-160
Ianiro Minima
Ikan iLED 312
Ikan Multi-K
Ikan 155 DK
LEDZ Brute 6, Brute 12
Lishuai LED 312
Lishuai LED 209
Lishuai 312
Litepanels Croma
Litepanels Luma
Litepanels Mini, Miniplus
Litepanels MicroPro
Lowel Blender
Lumos Lumos 100
Lumos Trip
Manfrotto Spectra 900S, 900F, 900FT
Polaroid 312 LED
Pro Video Accessories LED IT B 312 On-camera Light
Rosco 3×6 Litepad Axiom
Switronix TorchLED Bolt
Switronix 200w On-cam light
Vidpro Varicolor 312 LED light
Vidpro Vidpro Varicolor 144-Bulb Video and Photo LED Light
Vidpro z-96 professional photo&video LED light kit
Vidpro K-120 On-camera LED light
Model 126 Yuyao/Lishuai 500
Cool-lux CL500
Dracast LED500
Flolight microbeam 512
Ikan 500, 508, IDMX36, 360 DMX, 576
Bescor LED 700KB
Genaray SpectroLED 500
LEDZ Brute 9
Any LED approx 6″x12″ to 7″x13″ in size
Rosco Litepad axiom 6″x12″
Rosco Litepad axiom 3″x12″
Vidpro 4-piece interlocking video light kit
Model 1×1
Aputure Amaran 528* (imperfect fit but functional)
Autocue 1000 LED light
BBS lighting Area 48 soft
Bescor LED-95DK2
Bescor LED 1000, LED 1200
Bescor LED 500-K
Bescor LED-200K
Cineo LS, Maverick
Cinemills Cinesoft 1×1
Cool-Lights 600
Cool-lux CL1000
Cowboystudio CN-600
Dedolight Felloni Tecpro
Dracast LED1000
Elation TVL2000 variable color LED light
ePhoto 600 LED, CN600
F&V k4000, all models
F&V R-300 Ring light
Fancierstudio CN600SA
Flolight Microbeam 1024
Fotodiox 1000
Genaray Spectro LED-14 Light
Genaray SpectroLED-9 light
Genaray SpectroLED studio 1000
Generic any LED panel from 10″x10″ to 13″x13″
Ikan ID 1000, IB1000
ikan ID1000, IFB-1024
Limelite Mosaic
LEDZ Brute 15
Litepanels 1×1 LED, Astra, Hilio T12, Hilio d12
Lumos 300mk
Manfrotto Spectra 1×1 LED
Rotolight Nova, Anova
Rosco Litepad Loop
Sumolight 100
Visual Buddha 1×1 panel
Yongnuo 600
Airbox Mini
Cineroid L10C
Flolight Microbeam 128
Litepanels Mini/Mini-plus
Dot line Dot lineDL- DV 60 DSLR and video light
Mole-Richardson MoleLED single

LED panel Airbox Softbox compatibility Chart

For reference, this is a compatibility chart of many of the common LED panels and the compatible Airbox Softbox diffusers. Alternatively, you can type in the dimensions of your LED panel in the search window in the sidebar of the shop page.

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