Defocus Systems releases their new GH2 cage at NAB 2012

This is the new GH2 cage from Dfocus in LA.  I tried it out for a couple of days and I give it solid marks.  Fits perfectly, grips the camera really well on top and bottom, it’s got loads of 1/4-20 rigging/mounting points, good access to all important parts like the battery door, car door, controls, mic input. All in all a job well done. Made in USA too, if that’s something that matters to you.  They estimate about 300$ once it’s released. I’m a fan.Downsides: it only fits the GH2, the 1/4-20 taps are only aluminum, so they might wear out on your if you beat on them, and it’s a pretty snug fit so you might have to pull the lens off to get it in and out.

by Airbox lights

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