High speed

Tidbits about shooting with a phantom flex:

1- its much better on tungsten sources flickering than the older Phantom gold.  The Phantom gold had a less precise shutter, measured in multiple decimal places, but now the Flex has it more precise, resulting in less strobing from smaller tungsten sources.
2- 1k Par-64s are ok for high speed! To be fair, what you’re pointing the light at is going to have a lot to do with how much you see any intensity variation from the cycling of AC power through a filament.  We were using the VNSP 1k pars as 3/4 back edges on a tumbling cascade of pigment, so it would have been hard to tell if there was a flutter no matter what we were using. Tumbling flakes of gold pigment?  Yeah you might not see it there.
That could be a useful thing to think about:  You’re going to see the merest amount of variation in frontlight on a flat white background, but on something that’s moving and has shifting reflections on it, you’ll be relatively unlikely to see it. If hard pressed, you might even dare to try using an HMI if you had nothing else…

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