Holy Crap! Here come the 1×1 Airboxlights.com Inflatable Softboxes!!

The factory inflates them all before they ship.  That’s quite a pile of awesome Airboxlights.com inflatable LED softboxes!




We shot a commercial for Airboxlights.com Inflatable Softboxes this past weekend also, it’s going to be wicked funny.
Not to give it away, but here are two stills:
We’re going to be selling the new units, the Model 126 for (6″x12″/6″x13″) 500 LED panels and the Model 1×1 (for 1×1 LED panels, obv) directly now on Amazon. Store should be ready for business in a couple of days!
Link forthcoming.  You can also email us to order.
Tom Guiney

by Airbox lights

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