Panel lights at #NAB

More #NAB- #zacuto has a plasma panel. Like a 1×1, but 40% brighter. Not super expensive; 1350.00. Can do battery. Annoying- has a remote ballast. I love the no-nothing attached nature of 1×1 panels. Color looks a little funky on casual inspection, but so do LED lights. Could be a winner? We’ll see. Hey zacuto! Send me a demo unit to try out!

For plain-old panels- deal from f&v light- 3 1x1s for a thousand bucks!thats a deal. Again, I haven’t inspected the color. I assume they’re a bit green since they’re so bright, an may be overdriving their leds the way a lot of the cheap Chinese LEDs do. But that’s a great deal or an entry-level kind of shooter. Or mid-level? Dedotec panels seem to be the nicest in color around still.


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