Model 1×1 Gel & Diffusion Kit


Kit of 16″x16″ lighting filters, precut to fit front sleeve of the top-selling Airbox Model 1×1 Inflatable Softbox for LED panels. This gel kit includes half white diffusion (“250”) to really soften the light, 1/4 CTO (“quarter orange”) to warm it up, and eighth minusgreen and plusgreen to compensate for the specifics of your LED panel.



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This is a kit of precut lighting filters to fit in the front pocket of the Airbox Model 1×1 Inflatable softbox.  These are the filters that in our experience are the most commonly used with LED lights. The kit contains 1 piece each of the following:

Half white diffusion (“250”)

1/4 CTO

1/8 Plusgreen

1/8 Minusgreen


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